Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Saturday Report

Today is a singing day.
I know it's only been a week, but it seems so much longer. 
I hope to see friends this afternoon.
Tomorrow we do a church service in Kirkwood.
I especially enjoy the "picture of the day."
I wonder what the picture will be tomorrow?
I think it will be extra beautiful.
Osa and I are only half of a month into our new schedule & life
It serves us well and we are happy.
Today I am dreaming while looking at two "wish books."
One is a catalog for my mind from the Teaching Company.
What new courses will I choose?
The other is a Nursery catalog.
I dream about having a little cottage with a garden.
Last year I had a porch garden.
Osa and I would sit on our porch in the sky
we watched the day and I studied my lessons.
This year I will plant geraniums.
They are bright and delightful.
They are also cost effective.
I am focused seriously on that cottage w/garden.
What are you actively dreaming towards?

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