Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mailbox Sightings

It's hard to comprehend.
The mailboxes in our neighborhood were disappearing. I took the dog for a walk last week especially to mail a letter and the last mailbox, the one in front of the Aldi store, was gone. Just disappeared between one afternoon and the next. That meant every mailbox within walking distance had simply evaporated. Then, last week I was getting off the bus at Holly Hills & Gravois and noticed the bus sign was moved and the bench was gone . . . in their place . . . . a mailbox! I'm glad to see it - but it seems weird. Then, we were passing the bank on the corner - the one with the Saint Joseph statue in the front (but that's another story) and there are now two mailboxes, side by side, right in front of the place.

What an odd neighborhood.


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