Thursday, February 10, 2005


Okay. I am not always a "Pollyanna."
I am really challenged to keep a positive attitude these days.
I do realize everything is going to turn out great.
I really do enjoy the adventure of life.
Right now, though, I am facing one of those (adventures) and it's creeping me out.
In fact, first I got angry at myself for being in this situation.
Okay, my musical partner & I have very different ideas about business
(one that allows me no income . . arguh!)
Yeow! My favorite holiday to celebrate with everyone is Valentine's.
I was really looking forward to Jazzy Storytime on Monday, February 14th.
I purchased new books and I got toys for giving away . . .
We were canceled six days before.
There's no time to let people know and no time for me to reschedule.
I turned down a Valentine Party at Sunset Hills Golf Club
because I really wanted to enjoy the event with the children.

What Grouse I can be.

Well, I've been praying for a "New Life."
This is a brilliant opportunity to move ahead with this idea, don't you think?
I wonder what kind of job I can find?
Of course, first I have to stop this infernal coughing . . .
I've been the exploding vocalist for a month now.
I rather doubt anyone would want me in their employ
as long as I seem like an erupting volcano.

Well, okay for the vent.
I expect to spend part of my Valentine's Day filling out employment applications.
I'll report back about the magic of it all - when it happens.


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