Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Various

I'm doing quite a bit of reading these days
and loving every minute of it.
In class this week we are considering Mystics.
At home I am working on my writing -
both personal and, of course my lessons.
I have the best teacher on the planet right now -
she is a mystery writer.
I never liked mysteries much before meeting her
(I only know her through the mail) but I do enjoy her work
so, I suppose there are other writers I'd like.
Her name is Taffy Cannon.
She is sweet by nature,
so it's funny that she "kills" people for her work.
I am so "goody-two-shoes"
I hope I haven't sent her over the wall with my submissions.

The artwork here is from the cover of the book I'm reading for fun.
It's wonderful - if you like inter-action
with the "wee-folk" or magical beings.
I am enjoying it. There is the promise of two more in this series
- the next one will be "The Celandine"
but it is not scheduled for release until this Fall.
(Too Bad For Me.)

Well, what are you reading, studying, thinking, doing . . . .
and, are you working on a "New Life," too?


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