Monday, December 20, 2004

Oh My Fur & Whiskers!

What a challenge yesterday was.
By mid-evening I wanted to throw myself away.
Ms. Osa, my "new" dog decided to take matters into her own paws. 
I opened the back gate to let her into the yard after our evening walk. 
I unsnapped the leash so she could run really fast into the yard.
It's fun for her to try to sneak up on any bunnies that may be hiding in the bushes. 
Instead she got a gleam in her eye and raced across the alley.
Then she swiveled around to look at me and raced across the yard of the apartment complex
two yards away from us.  She literally looked like a streak of shadow passing by.
Oh golly, I was really concerned.  Our neighborhood is so urban.  The traffic in front of our home
is rapid and uncaring (unforgiving) and Ms. Osa is black which makes her hard to see.
I started to pray and walked slowly around the block, hoping she would think herself very clever
and find me to gloat.  When I got around to my own front door, there she was, waiting to be let in.
I spent part of the evening refusing to talk with her.  if she tried to sit next to me on the sofa,
 I would moved to another side of the room.  If I had a treat, i turned my back as if there was no dog in the room.
Eventually I stopped be angry with myself.
All seems well this morning.
I will be extra cautious from now on.

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