Saturday, December 25, 2004


Mr. Dill and i got to provide the Holy Night music for Unity Christ Church during the candle lighting ceremony. You would have enjoyed it. The minister began explaining there is nothing special about the candles - everything we were using was a sign or symbol to remind us of God. The service had twelve readers - each lit a candle of a different color representing "twelve powers" - names of God to us - and the minister wrote it in such an excellent way - each reader would say "This is the gift we give the world . . . . "

For instance, Imagination - the reader imagined a world of peace, of plenty . . . for Renunciation the reader gave the gift of wiping the slate clean of all grievances (I could see the world being relieved of error - just like clearing temp. files, cookies, ad-ware or virus off the computer) -

Here's what I really wanted to tell you. Everyone gets to light a candle and then set it in the sand provided - when everyone has finished we turn off all the electric light so the people can view the blaze we created together . . . but, the service was better attended than expected - and there weren't enough candles for everyone. The minister offered another way for everyone to enjoy the event - but, immediately, every presenter (musicians included) gave their candles to the ushers - so there'd be more available . . . . after everyone had passed by the candle table - the minister asked if Mr. Dill & i would like to light our candles - I no longer had one, so i kept smiling and indicated I'd pass . . . except, the usher had plenty in his hand - when I understood there were candles - Mr. Dill and i got up and lit ours, adding it to the light - the last person to hold a candle to the "Christ Flame" was the minister . . . . then there was still one candle left.

The minister thought for a moment - maybe it was for the world, then he thought it might be for all the people who do not yet understand they are the light of the world - they are the Christ . . . then he lit the last one and added it to the collection of already burning candles.

We don't know how there got to be enough candles to share & spare - (I was glad it wasn't fish.) It's like the Macabbe mystery of oil (Hanukkah Story) - all i know is it happened - and even the minister couldn't keep the tears back.

It's Christmas.
Christ Georgy - reporting in


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