Saturday, October 23, 2004


This is a perfect day.
Saturdays are Ms. Osa's special day because, whenever it's possible, we go to the "Saturday Park."  Usually it is the same place, sometimes we vary and go to another, prettier place.  Either way doesn't matter to Ms. Osa.  She loves going.  She loves viewing other dogs.  She loves sniffing and just being herself.  She doesn't complain much about having to be on a leash or about her bossy momma who insists there are, indeed, rules of behavior to be followed.
Besides all this, today is the perfect kind of October day.  The weather started out with a downpour of rain.  By mid-morning, though, the sun was shining.  It is so warm that you don't even need a sweater or sweat shirt. 
Because we are mid-western, we get Fall.  The trees are lit up like Christmas, without the lights.  Some small few trees are bare but all the rest are brilliantly colored.  Every neighborhood street looks like a scene from a Miramax, falling in love scenario.  Honestly - Perfect.
Here in Saint Louis people are beginning to decorate their homes for "Halloween."  It wasn't as common just a few years ago.  I was surprised when I traveled in Minnesota to see homes decked out - in a way I used to associate with Christmas - but in celebration of "Halloween."  I watch the morning news programs now, though and learn that much of our nation seems to be "in the spirit."  It's not my thing, but it's what's popular.
When I'm driving home late at night, if I don't remind myself about the decorations, the shadows on the houses will try to convince me that there are frightening folk lurking about the yards & porches of my neighbors.  I'm not naturally brave so it takes me a few beats to know the Truth of the situation.
I'm a kid of the light.  When you think of it, that's true no matter how you take it.  I've been performing for so many years, I'm used to standing, sitting, singing in the light(s) any time of the day or night.  I wish light could just emanate from me where ever I was - I just have to trust that, being God's kid - it shows in ways that are important to my Father.
hey, when it comes to decorations, I still have not yet put up, or decorated a tree - so, dusting would be a decorative celebration to me.  I am happy, creative but not necessarily tidy - so - more power to the ever changing lawns, homes and porches. 
Hm, do you or your neighbors have a decorative goose at your house?
Me, I wish someone would come up with dress-up kits for all the religious statues in the neighborhoods.  Honest, Mary would make a great action figure . . . don't you think?
I've skipped way beyond our perfect day, haven't I?
Well, where ever you are - I hope your day & world is good, very good - perhaps even - PERFECT.

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