Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Morning

What a wonderful rainy morning. I adore inclement weather. I have managed the first part of my morning studies and allowed my imagination to put on possibilities for the day. Ms. Osa and I need to get our chores done so I can get home and write an overdue (seriously overdue) article. Did I tell you the artwork for the CD has been finished? I get to return it with small changes next Thursday. It won't be very long now until "Heavenward" is an actuality. I've been living with the project in my imagination for so long now that I'll feel celebratory when I can put copies in peoples hands. Then I can move on to step two with it - and begin dreaming up another project.

I could use more bookings.

This weekend will be loads of fun, though. Listen to this. We get to do our "regular" gig at Nik's tomorrow (Saturday.) Then we have a church service (with a cool congregation) Sunday. We set up extra early for that one. Afterwards we get to do a birthday party for one of our regular jazzy storytime kids. I guess he will be three this year. Then, on Monday - "Jazzy Storytime!" Don't I have loads of fun?

Yes, I really do. I admit, there are disappointments - but the overall joy of it all is worth everything.

God takes very good care of me.


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