Monday, October 11, 2004

Columbus Day

Oh I miss my old neighborhood. I would never miss the fun and tradition of a holiday.
I lived with my marvelous (and greatly missed) border collie. When we first moved in we went door to door on our block introducing ourselves. I gave everyone a copy of our most recent CD of the day so everyone knew we were artists. The neighborhood is settled by Italians. Several generations have been raised in the tiny homes. They are built in a style called "shotgun." For most of the homes it means it's is straight through from front to back door. All the neighbors know one another and everyone's personal business. There is a backyard system of visitation. The homes are small, so people never just walk inside but choose to visit over the fence. Big parties and all festivities happen either at the bocce club or - far more often at the church. Every major feast day, holiday or fun event has a parade through the streets. It's a wonderful inconvenience. The streets are blocked off to traffic by the police. Horses pull carts, people throw candy, sing songs - everything is celebratory. At least once a year the priests and faithful walk through the neighborhood and bless it in solemn procession.

Unfortunately for me today. Columbus day snuck up on me. I only know about it because the post office is closed.

I need to make plans to return to a small community. I need to live in a place unconcerned about inconvenience in the name of life's celebrations.


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