Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Catching Up

Finally I have a moment to sit down and share. The art work for our new CD is ready to view. In fact, it's been waiting for me to come pick it up for two days. I can't believe I managed to wait so long. Tomorrow morning I'll get to see. My friends say it's "awesome." So, color me excited.

Jazzy Storytime was really crowded yesterday. That's very fun for us.

Well, Ms. Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants has been working the "day gig" with me for a few days now. She is really into being the professional "temp" dog. She's really good at it, too.

Personally, I'll be glad when the CD is paid for & ready to give to folk. I'm ready for a major adventure.

I gotta go get some stuff done - see ya tomorrow.


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