Friday, October 22, 2004

All Saints CD

We have had the best time.
Wednesday Morning was (of course) Tiny Tots Storytime.  We recorded our own CD in honor of "All Saints Day."  The next time we meet (Wednesday Morning)  each child will have their own copy to take home.
This means I got to design and print out CD art.  I learned about CD labels and was pleased with the outcome.  It also means that, besides Wednesday Mornings, these children can play and sing-a-long with their own CD as often as they want. 
Somehow I find it difficult to believe the guardians of these little people will be happy about that after the ba-jillion-eth time they've heard "If You're Happy An You Know It."
Here's the personally distressing thing.  When I am doing "the work,"  you know - being the story lady - I don't really pay attention to myself.  When I hear it though, I sound a bit daft.  I have different voices - like I'm suddenly channeling soupy sales or - perhaps i have all these happy people sharing my body all the time . . . . ?  During the actual story time, it's a device to keep all the little people interested - but heard by itself, it's concerning.  Very strange.
Well, write and tell me about your projects.

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