Friday, October 29, 2004

Saint Nicholas

Okay, it is true that the Bishop Himself (in Spirit) comes to visit us soon (Dec. 5th.)  But today I feel like that generous saint.  I have boxes of wrapped CDs to deliver.  The very generous folk at church pre-purchased so I would have enough do-re-mi for the last payment.  I didn't have to borrow even one penny for this project.  Don't you think that is super cool?  When I think about how far I got to come in order to be able to achieve this.  Then there is the amazing thought that having a new CD after all this time, is actually the beginning.  Now I get to wait and watch what God has in Mind for me.  Oh, happy, happy me.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

First Portion

What do you think one inspired person can do?
I've certainly heard a lot of great stories that cause me to believe anything is possible to those of us willing to BELIEVE.
Well, I have almost finished sending off the first ten percent.  I am almost ready to stand and watch God work out His plan for this project.
I took a class in June of this year.  My teacher said it is possible that we are all in the "River of Life."  It is possible that it comes from and returns to Heaven.
Well, let's just see, shall we?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's Here!!!!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 23, 2004


This is a perfect day.
Saturdays are Ms. Osa's special day because, whenever it's possible, we go to the "Saturday Park."  Usually it is the same place, sometimes we vary and go to another, prettier place.  Either way doesn't matter to Ms. Osa.  She loves going.  She loves viewing other dogs.  She loves sniffing and just being herself.  She doesn't complain much about having to be on a leash or about her bossy momma who insists there are, indeed, rules of behavior to be followed.
Besides all this, today is the perfect kind of October day.  The weather started out with a downpour of rain.  By mid-morning, though, the sun was shining.  It is so warm that you don't even need a sweater or sweat shirt. 
Because we are mid-western, we get Fall.  The trees are lit up like Christmas, without the lights.  Some small few trees are bare but all the rest are brilliantly colored.  Every neighborhood street looks like a scene from a Miramax, falling in love scenario.  Honestly - Perfect.
Here in Saint Louis people are beginning to decorate their homes for "Halloween."  It wasn't as common just a few years ago.  I was surprised when I traveled in Minnesota to see homes decked out - in a way I used to associate with Christmas - but in celebration of "Halloween."  I watch the morning news programs now, though and learn that much of our nation seems to be "in the spirit."  It's not my thing, but it's what's popular.
When I'm driving home late at night, if I don't remind myself about the decorations, the shadows on the houses will try to convince me that there are frightening folk lurking about the yards & porches of my neighbors.  I'm not naturally brave so it takes me a few beats to know the Truth of the situation.
I'm a kid of the light.  When you think of it, that's true no matter how you take it.  I've been performing for so many years, I'm used to standing, sitting, singing in the light(s) any time of the day or night.  I wish light could just emanate from me where ever I was - I just have to trust that, being God's kid - it shows in ways that are important to my Father.
hey, when it comes to decorations, I still have not yet put up, or decorated a tree - so, dusting would be a decorative celebration to me.  I am happy, creative but not necessarily tidy - so - more power to the ever changing lawns, homes and porches. 
Hm, do you or your neighbors have a decorative goose at your house?
Me, I wish someone would come up with dress-up kits for all the religious statues in the neighborhoods.  Honest, Mary would make a great action figure . . . don't you think?
I've skipped way beyond our perfect day, haven't I?
Well, where ever you are - I hope your day & world is good, very good - perhaps even - PERFECT.

Friday, October 22, 2004

All Saints CD

We have had the best time.
Wednesday Morning was (of course) Tiny Tots Storytime.  We recorded our own CD in honor of "All Saints Day."  The next time we meet (Wednesday Morning)  each child will have their own copy to take home.
This means I got to design and print out CD art.  I learned about CD labels and was pleased with the outcome.  It also means that, besides Wednesday Mornings, these children can play and sing-a-long with their own CD as often as they want. 
Somehow I find it difficult to believe the guardians of these little people will be happy about that after the ba-jillion-eth time they've heard "If You're Happy An You Know It."
Here's the personally distressing thing.  When I am doing "the work,"  you know - being the story lady - I don't really pay attention to myself.  When I hear it though, I sound a bit daft.  I have different voices - like I'm suddenly channeling soupy sales or - perhaps i have all these happy people sharing my body all the time . . . . ?  During the actual story time, it's a device to keep all the little people interested - but heard by itself, it's concerning.  Very strange.
Well, write and tell me about your projects.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Columbus Day

Oh I miss my old neighborhood. I would never miss the fun and tradition of a holiday.
I lived with my marvelous (and greatly missed) border collie. When we first moved in we went door to door on our block introducing ourselves. I gave everyone a copy of our most recent CD of the day so everyone knew we were artists. The neighborhood is settled by Italians. Several generations have been raised in the tiny homes. They are built in a style called "shotgun." For most of the homes it means it's is straight through from front to back door. All the neighbors know one another and everyone's personal business. There is a backyard system of visitation. The homes are small, so people never just walk inside but choose to visit over the fence. Big parties and all festivities happen either at the bocce club or - far more often at the church. Every major feast day, holiday or fun event has a parade through the streets. It's a wonderful inconvenience. The streets are blocked off to traffic by the police. Horses pull carts, people throw candy, sing songs - everything is celebratory. At least once a year the priests and faithful walk through the neighborhood and bless it in solemn procession.

Unfortunately for me today. Columbus day snuck up on me. I only know about it because the post office is closed.

I need to make plans to return to a small community. I need to live in a place unconcerned about inconvenience in the name of life's celebrations.


Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Morning

What a wonderful rainy morning. I adore inclement weather. I have managed the first part of my morning studies and allowed my imagination to put on possibilities for the day. Ms. Osa and I need to get our chores done so I can get home and write an overdue (seriously overdue) article. Did I tell you the artwork for the CD has been finished? I get to return it with small changes next Thursday. It won't be very long now until "Heavenward" is an actuality. I've been living with the project in my imagination for so long now that I'll feel celebratory when I can put copies in peoples hands. Then I can move on to step two with it - and begin dreaming up another project.

I could use more bookings.

This weekend will be loads of fun, though. Listen to this. We get to do our "regular" gig at Nik's tomorrow (Saturday.) Then we have a church service (with a cool congregation) Sunday. We set up extra early for that one. Afterwards we get to do a birthday party for one of our regular jazzy storytime kids. I guess he will be three this year. Then, on Monday - "Jazzy Storytime!" Don't I have loads of fun?

Yes, I really do. I admit, there are disappointments - but the overall joy of it all is worth everything.

God takes very good care of me.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Catching Up

Finally I have a moment to sit down and share. The art work for our new CD is ready to view. In fact, it's been waiting for me to come pick it up for two days. I can't believe I managed to wait so long. Tomorrow morning I'll get to see. My friends say it's "awesome." So, color me excited.

Jazzy Storytime was really crowded yesterday. That's very fun for us.

Well, Ms. Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants has been working the "day gig" with me for a few days now. She is really into being the professional "temp" dog. She's really good at it, too.

Personally, I'll be glad when the CD is paid for & ready to give to folk. I'm ready for a major adventure.

I gotta go get some stuff done - see ya tomorrow.


Friday, October 01, 2004

To September, With Love

Birthday Queen & Joyful Subjects
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Remember when i told you I was surprised at tiny tots storytime? The first Story Time in September they gave a perfect party. One thing for certain, children always know how to
"do it." A fun time was had by all.
I wore my decorated self all over town - proudly -
because it's a marvelous thing to know you are loved.