Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy September!

The very best of times - Aren't I the wealthiest? Maybe not in dollars, but in everything that counts, I am abundantly blessed. So, I was at story time, we'd already passed out cookies and told our story for the day. We had just started singing our story time songs. One of the children wanted to sing "Jingle Bells" and it seemed reasonable to me, so we did - then the most amazing thing occurred. Some of my friends came around the corner. Joan had a home baked cake - the best kind - "Surprise Cake" - the kind with pretty colors baked inside. There were candles that said "Happy Birthday!" And we all sang - then the children made wishes and we blew out the candles together. Yes! Every one went out - so I know all those child wishes are granted. Everyone had cake and wore hats and sang songs (lots of songs.) My friends gave me a crown to wear and put a birthday banner up on the wall. Oh what a happy time. I didn't even know they were aware of my natal day. Oh! That isn't all! They gave me flowers & a corsage & a gift bag filled with the best prizes. There were cards saying the happiest things and socks with puppies and kitties on them. There were gifts for Ms. Osa & Jelly bean the Kitty Queen, there are gift cards to my favorite coffee shop and - here's a most excellent idea - a grocery store (Always a good gift.) Wealthy, I tell you! And Happy, and Loved and "Queen of September!" What else can occur? This will be the best month ever!

Goodness rules!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday! I can't believe I didn't know, I'm sorry.. But I love you! *birthday hugs*