Friday, September 24, 2004


Do you love it? I sure do. Fall, I mean. It's my favorite time of year. I always wonder why January was chosen for marking the beginning of a year cycle. Well, I ignore all that and begin plans and projects in September.

Oh I am having fun. My dog and I got to help friends in their office yesterday. It wasn't rocket science. I mean, we answered the phone and shuffled a few papers. I was definitely able. Since I am racing my recording project to the finish - the opportunity to earn a little do-re-mi is a very good thing.

Racing? Well, no I am not running anywhere. But I have just a couple of weeks to come up with the rest of the dollars I need to finish paying. So, I pretend it is a race. We do lots of music in the next few days. At least enough for me to feel great (I always feel terrific singing) and pay my "necessary" bills.

What are you doing?


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