Sunday, August 22, 2004


Sometimes I like to pretend I have a cape that flaps behind me as I fly through the neighborhood. I like to think I bless everything I see. I like to think - when I sing - folk are healed - lives are transformed.

Sometimes I disappoint myself. A Lot. I do find, however, if I'm doing my honest best, God makes up the difference in unexpected ways.

So, we learned a song that speaks to people. When we play it, people kinda lean into the message of it. It's a really great piece of material (I can say that - I didn't write it.) The sad thing was, when we learned it we also got into a fight over it - yep, that's right - a three day - unhappy event occurred about this cool song. We'd been scheduled to perform it at a Sunday service - but couldn't because we - well, we just weren't ready because of the fight. So, we chose something else and didn't talk about it for a while.

Eventually we got our differences worked out and the song (it's terrific all by itself) plays nicely - people wait to hear it when we're in a club - so we decided to play it at church today.

Here's the healing - the entire message today was the same as the message of the song. It seemed like a message to us - that, since we did our honest best, told the truth and fixed the situation so both of us could be pleased - God would honor our work - and it could bless folk - as if there had never been an argument.

We drove home together - Mr. Dill drove. I held my arms out, pretending I could fly - pretending we were blessing everyone as we passed by.

God is cool!
I still get to play "Super-Georgy!"

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