Saturday, August 28, 2004

Guido Cakes

It started with a desire to taste actual Maple Syrup. I remember reading about early settlers and the delight they had when they could take freshly boiled syrup and pour it on the snow, making a special treat. Well, in order to taste the syrup, I got fixin's for pancakes. Turns out I didn't overly care for the syrup, I mean it was okay - but not a big "wow-wee!" I enjoyed making the pancakes, though. (No, not eating them - they are just fun to make.) Well, I have a friend who gets up early on Saturdays to practice Kendo. (They whack each other with big sticks, pretending they're using swords.) He has a practice buddy named Guido. Guido is getting lots better now, but it used to be easy to thud him because he let you know he was going to swing before he actually did it. They call that "broadcasting." Anyway, once I heard my friend say, "I hurt that boy." He meant it in a friendly way - and was referring to Guido, so now we call Saturday feasting "Guido Cakes." Now I'll want to learn how to make pancakes the shape of a G.


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