Monday, August 30, 2004


Oh hurray for me! It's Monday - which means we have Jazzy Storytime in just a few hours. I get to pick some picture books and go sing and dance and giggle with the children. Nice way to live a life, don't you think?

I didn't feel like a genius today. My scanner got stuck right when I wanted to send important information to a friend who is far away. Well, okay - she's not far away from my heart - or from the heart of God (of course) but she is geographically farther than I'm comfortable with for just today - when I'd like to hug her.

It's a great situation when you remember we can do more than hug. We can talk to God and know we are all connected - that there is no distance in Love - and that everything we bring to Love is "Yes!" - so, scanner is fixed, my friend is wrapped in God's care, I get to hit the showers and play with the children . . . See? I told you Goodness rules.


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