Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bumper Sticker

A bumper sticker caught my attention. It said " God Is Too Big For One Religion." Then, across the rest of the bumper were decals representing many different faiths. I liked it so much I kept trying to catch up to the vehicle to tell the driver. It took several blocks but when our cars were evenly across from one another I was rewarded with the kind of smile that lights the world for days. See? There is Goodness.

I don't think I should be giving weather reports - but, I'm mostly glad for ours this summer. Generally the summers here can be oppressive. This summer has stayed cool, almost chilly. It feels more like home to me, and that's good. Here's the glitch. Lately, every time we work at the golf course out in the county, it rains. Since I don't golf, I didn't realize how poorly that affects golf course business. Besides, we are doing music inside a nice building (clubhouse) so I wouldn't have thought it would matter. Unfortunately it matters a great deal to these folks. Oh well. Today is perfect and we get to play outside. We'll love it, our friends will be happy. See? There is Goodness.


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