Friday, August 27, 2004

All Good - All The Time

"It's All Good!" I hear that from people all the time and wonder about it. I have been taught that "All Things Work Together For Good." I've heard "God is Good." I've heard Divine Mind is in control of His creation.

I sometimes wish people would explain specifically what they mean with the "It's All Good" stuff.

Either way, I have to admit - not traveling to Dallas has turned out to be a very good thing. I'm all about the upcoming recording project. I've worked to constantly towards it for so many months I think I've become monochromatic. Maybe that's all I have to think or talk about. Well, if that's the case, it's about to get better because our studio time is two weeks away. Everything is sounding marvelous. Today everything is going so well, it actually seems like "Heaven On Earth." The stuff we study about and look for . . . . Has arrived.

God is exactly who He says He is.

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