Monday, August 30, 2004

Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants Posted by Hello


Oh hurray for me! It's Monday - which means we have Jazzy Storytime in just a few hours. I get to pick some picture books and go sing and dance and giggle with the children. Nice way to live a life, don't you think?

I didn't feel like a genius today. My scanner got stuck right when I wanted to send important information to a friend who is far away. Well, okay - she's not far away from my heart - or from the heart of God (of course) but she is geographically farther than I'm comfortable with for just today - when I'd like to hug her.

It's a great situation when you remember we can do more than hug. We can talk to God and know we are all connected - that there is no distance in Love - and that everything we bring to Love is "Yes!" - so, scanner is fixed, my friend is wrapped in God's care, I get to hit the showers and play with the children . . . See? I told you Goodness rules.


Sunday, August 29, 2004


Our pre-production is accomplished & we are ahead of schedule. The music sounds wonderful and I am so excited I can hardly wait to get this in tangible form & into people's hands. We have enough time to rehearse & perform the material before we record. This is great. We'll be able to be comfortable and secure with the material. I wonder if I should have a site dedicated to the project. I guess I'll decide later.

I'm off to get comfy - I want to watch the closing ceremonies in Greece.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Guido Cakes

It started with a desire to taste actual Maple Syrup. I remember reading about early settlers and the delight they had when they could take freshly boiled syrup and pour it on the snow, making a special treat. Well, in order to taste the syrup, I got fixin's for pancakes. Turns out I didn't overly care for the syrup, I mean it was okay - but not a big "wow-wee!" I enjoyed making the pancakes, though. (No, not eating them - they are just fun to make.) Well, I have a friend who gets up early on Saturdays to practice Kendo. (They whack each other with big sticks, pretending they're using swords.) He has a practice buddy named Guido. Guido is getting lots better now, but it used to be easy to thud him because he let you know he was going to swing before he actually did it. They call that "broadcasting." Anyway, once I heard my friend say, "I hurt that boy." He meant it in a friendly way - and was referring to Guido, so now we call Saturday feasting "Guido Cakes." Now I'll want to learn how to make pancakes the shape of a G.


Friday, August 27, 2004

Jelly Bean the Kitty Queen Posted by Hello

All Good - All The Time

"It's All Good!" I hear that from people all the time and wonder about it. I have been taught that "All Things Work Together For Good." I've heard "God is Good." I've heard Divine Mind is in control of His creation.

I sometimes wish people would explain specifically what they mean with the "It's All Good" stuff.

Either way, I have to admit - not traveling to Dallas has turned out to be a very good thing. I'm all about the upcoming recording project. I've worked to constantly towards it for so many months I think I've become monochromatic. Maybe that's all I have to think or talk about. Well, if that's the case, it's about to get better because our studio time is two weeks away. Everything is sounding marvelous. Today everything is going so well, it actually seems like "Heaven On Earth." The stuff we study about and look for . . . . Has arrived.

God is exactly who He says He is.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

No Travel Log Today

We were scheduled to drive to Dallas. Well, life got easier. We've discovered we are not able to travel much beyond the city limits. If I stay calm, I can see the benefits in this. I have to admit it's weird. I mean, I've driven all over the nation, schlepping guitar, P.A., CD's and a border collie for years. Don't I come from a family that piles into the best possible form of transportation to get to the next "gig?" Oh well, times change. The beloved border collie waits for me in Spirit. My hands don't want to play guitar and my musical partner and I have a "melt down" when anything challenging turns up. I must call upon all my creative reserve to find another way to make a living. It can be done. Okay, the good thing is, since we record in a couple of weeks, we can get all our material ready for the studio. My goal here is new product for the holidays. Certainly it can be accomplished if we don't pile in a van and stress one another by traveling beyond the known world.

I wonder what it felt like to be Lief Erickson?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Red Hat Posted by Hello

Saintly Status - does not depend on fashion (I hope)

I am destroyed! My dreams are being mashed around by hordes of women wearing red hats!

I was standing inside the mail service - reading through my mail - minding my own business - when an enormous bus parked right outside the front door.

Well, that's not so bad - or unusual - because there is a buffet restaurant next door - and it's popular with the senior community. So, a bus tour unloading right there is semi-common. But, as I looked through the windows of the bus someone stood up with a roster and waved her arms around. Looks like she was doing some kind of directing.

That's when I noticed the passengers. Hats! They were wearing Hats! - RED ones. Some had flowers around the brim, some had fancy scarves . . . as they got off and walked towards the restaurant I noticed they were wearing purple outfits. There were a few men in the group. My heart just sank.

See, when I was a child (as you can imagine) I was rather different than all my chums.

For instance - when I was 5 and 6 years old I got up extra early every morning to help the sun spin over the mountain range. I was certain if I did not perform this task it would remain dark forever. One day I woke up and knew the position had been given to another little girl and I could sleep in (which I have endeavored to do the rest of my life.)

When I was in my early teens I knew I wanted to grow up to be a saint. Well, if you've ever noticed, all the saint portraits have symbols to show which saintly person is being represented. (Yes, I know - the symbols were extra important because the populace couldn't read - so the symbols helped to tell the story . . . cool, huh?)

Here's the thing, though. I decided I would use a red plaid Pendleton blanket for my coat and wear a RED hat - (I had one that was ever so interesting then.)

So, what are these women up to? What could they possibly be thinking. I suspect the devil made them wear that outfit just to discourage me from my quest.

Well . . . . Phooey! . . . I don't even have a RED hat anymore (okay, I have a red plaid one - but it's a wool baseball style) - so, that will show them. They can hire buses to take them on tours of whatever senior travel destinations ring their chimes. They aren't even a ghost of imitation of the imaginary "super-georgy."

I'll continue my quest - and leave the fashion up to God.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Happy Everybody Birthday! Posted by Hello

Jazzy Everybody Birthday!

Oh how interesting! I just noticed blogspot has had a birthday. I'm going to have to go back & read more about it. Since I am really new at this, I have LOTS to learn - but, Happy Birthday!

So, I get to do some super cool children's events. Every once in a while I hear a happy report that someone has had a birthday and I finally understood everyone I know was born. The best thing I could imagine is to celebrate "Everybody Birthday." So, we do exactly that once a year. We dress up, decorate the club - have cake - sing, dance, tell stories and have gifts for everyone in the room. It's very fine.

I'm certain I enjoy it more than anyone else in the room.
Happy Birthday to Everyone.
I'm glad you were born.


Monday, August 23, 2004

Coat of Arms Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cape Consideration - style 1 Posted by Hello


Sometimes I like to pretend I have a cape that flaps behind me as I fly through the neighborhood. I like to think I bless everything I see. I like to think - when I sing - folk are healed - lives are transformed.

Sometimes I disappoint myself. A Lot. I do find, however, if I'm doing my honest best, God makes up the difference in unexpected ways.

So, we learned a song that speaks to people. When we play it, people kinda lean into the message of it. It's a really great piece of material (I can say that - I didn't write it.) The sad thing was, when we learned it we also got into a fight over it - yep, that's right - a three day - unhappy event occurred about this cool song. We'd been scheduled to perform it at a Sunday service - but couldn't because we - well, we just weren't ready because of the fight. So, we chose something else and didn't talk about it for a while.

Eventually we got our differences worked out and the song (it's terrific all by itself) plays nicely - people wait to hear it when we're in a club - so we decided to play it at church today.

Here's the healing - the entire message today was the same as the message of the song. It seemed like a message to us - that, since we did our honest best, told the truth and fixed the situation so both of us could be pleased - God would honor our work - and it could bless folk - as if there had never been an argument.

We drove home together - Mr. Dill drove. I held my arms out, pretending I could fly - pretending we were blessing everyone as we passed by.

God is cool!
I still get to play "Super-Georgy!"

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Mr. Dill playing trumpet Posted by Hello

Bumper Sticker

A bumper sticker caught my attention. It said " God Is Too Big For One Religion." Then, across the rest of the bumper were decals representing many different faiths. I liked it so much I kept trying to catch up to the vehicle to tell the driver. It took several blocks but when our cars were evenly across from one another I was rewarded with the kind of smile that lights the world for days. See? There is Goodness.

I don't think I should be giving weather reports - but, I'm mostly glad for ours this summer. Generally the summers here can be oppressive. This summer has stayed cool, almost chilly. It feels more like home to me, and that's good. Here's the glitch. Lately, every time we work at the golf course out in the county, it rains. Since I don't golf, I didn't realize how poorly that affects golf course business. Besides, we are doing music inside a nice building (clubhouse) so I wouldn't have thought it would matter. Unfortunately it matters a great deal to these folks. Oh well. Today is perfect and we get to play outside. We'll love it, our friends will be happy. See? There is Goodness.


Friday, August 20, 2004


Oh my fur & Whiskers! I have entered the era of coolness - I Have and am at this very moment am actively creating a blog. There are folk on the web I read almost daily. I am encouraged by their words - and feel more a part of the world because they share. Now, I'll learn to share myself, too. Exciting.