Friday, May 18, 2018

Swades (ongoing post)

I have just begun watching.
It's long.  I'll watch a bit at a time.
Certain I'll be moved -

Have you already seen it?

First Update:  I'm maybe one third of the way through the story.
It's beautiful to my eyes,
There was a traveling song while we drove to a small village in India.
The word traveler is a variation of the Hindi word "to go"
cool . .

A young man, currently working for NASA in the United States,
misses the lady who raised him
and has taken time off to find her with the idea of returning to America with her.

Now we are in learning about village life.

I am back for just a few moments . . .
 (Now i realize I should have let you know when each update was made, hm?)
We have seen lovely things, and things that seem limiting . . .
Now, we are learning a song about stars and how one alone shines brightly
but many together causes powerful, life changing good.
Now I'm off the learn from "Truth & Liberty"
never know what I'll learn

see ya later.
we'll view more of the bollywood film, hm?


Oh. oh!  I am on a short break - (taking classes today)
I logged on to view just a little and my heart is happy . . .
There is a singing-dancing scene - demonstrating how, together we can be amazing.
Yes, it's filled with hope
Yes, it's "sugary-sweet"  in a time our populace prefers "snarky"
It reminds me of all the folk concerts of last century
where the audience sang together
at least for the duration of a few songs
That Hope

okay, I'll return to my few moments of "la-la-land lovefest"
then, I'll finish a quiz
Maybe Thursday I'll get to view a bigger chunk of this feature film
love & love.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Wat Up?

Golly. I seem to be a sporadic poster.
who knew?
I'm coaching readers.
(any and all levels)
I have a semi-secret project
I explained myself the other day 
saying i was "fishing for readers"
little did i realize that's exactly how it goes.

Following a required reading list
I try to tempt both reluctant and advancing students

it's great fun,
This week I've added
Doing my best not to be seen
It's hard not to see the g-r-o-w-i-n-g collection
of brand new books,
all labeled by reading level
beckoning to inquisitive minds.

Oh My
So Much Fun

 Abe Books has introduced me to Norman Lewis.
He was once considered the top Travel Writer of his time.
 My local library didn't offer any of his work,
Used copies of everything find their way into my hands.
Right now I'm reading

 I've loaded lots in to my days lately.
Those adventures will be saved for other posts.
Perhaps a frequent flow of posts?
One could hope.

So?  With You?
Wat Up/

love & love,

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Did Not Realize

This Film captured my attention . . NOT because it was a "Buzz" during award season,
Because It Is Brilliant!

It focuses on One, Specific (and rather short) Time Period
Tells the story well . . . really well.

It's rent-able on Netflix

I was "Wowed."


Friday, April 13, 2018

Thinking of TexWisGirl . . .

Can't see fences . . or birds . . without thinkin' of our friend in the cool Texas home.

I know, it's hard to see . . but, it's a piece of fencing . . . 

We try a few times to capture it . . . 

Directly across from the first bit - is a little more, leaning . . . 

little bird enjoying a snack.

love & love,

Into the woods

Our First Fabulous Day of the Year.
Girl & Dog made it out to the woods early.
Of course, fields of grass are green.
Higher up in the tree zone, there's less direct sun to encourage growth.
Didn't stop this brave little flower.
I imagine hearing a little white flower version of "this little light of mine." 

I'll need to return to see what these "umbrella people" turn themselves into.