Friday, October 19, 2018


My dad was colorful, charismatic, and expressive
or quiet.
(so, balanced - a creative-type)
On rare occasions, if we seemed to display 'gicky' symptoms,
he would say we had the epizootic.

I'm from 20th Century California.
(City of the Angeles, Mountains, Deserts,  Fertile Farm Land,
Family Farmer Pride, Truckers Code, Redwood Forests,
San Francisco, Vineyards . . . oh yeah, a place where word usage was accepted.)

I once used the word 'epizootic' in conversation
while walking a hallway
with a speech instructor
and several award winning speakers.
The reaction was stunning.

The word, evidently, is no longer in common usage
and causes immediate waves of fear based expression.

Even after calmly explaining the word and proper usage.
SO, I WON'T use the word, even though i like it.
I'll simply explain, while attending to the everyday
there has been plenty of facial sloppiness and coughing going on all around.

That being said.
I spent part of the week watching:
which is a foreign feature film
questioning life in ways I can understand
I'm almost finished
have enjoyed it
I know, I know some of you do not read films.
I sure am grateful for your company in the world.
I hope you are Super Duper Healthy.
love & love,

ps - I don't know WHY there is a type change in the center of the post.
I tried to correct - but, it didn't feel like rearranging itself.
might be my choice of words.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

George Marshall & The American Century

Time for me to learn.
The first part of this documentary I kept stopping and looking things up.
(Oh, the things i do not know.)

Did you realize we have video 
(moving pictures) 
of the First World War?
(if we'd seen - how could we ever do it again?
I can't bare to give you a link . . sorry)

George Marshall was a truly Great Man.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Imagine that.
He was inspired to develop a plan 
to assist nations to rebuild
after the Second World War
Nations that were friends
and those that were enemies during the conflict.

I'm humbled.
He considered himself 
to a higher cause
(my words, I'm simply/truly impressed)

Hope you can read this.
(not my photo)

Just Wanted to Share.
love & love,

Monday, October 08, 2018

Firehouse Five (video)

wasn't prepared for Backroads
Fortunately, The Firehouse is Always Available!

love & love,

Thursday, October 04, 2018


Thursday Night is Movie Night 
I rent from Netflix 
(although, i stream MOST stuff . . . for Thursday Evening, it's a DVD that arrives in a red envelope.)
This evening it was
based on a true story from 1940
I enjoyed it
(which is why I'm posting)
It was simply on the list and arrived because it became top of the list
It sure was timely.

Here's a Wiki Link, in case you would like to know more.

Some reviews were mediocre - some informative - some were good.
It's available to stream on several sites

just sayin'
I watched
and enjoyed
this film

love & love,

Sunday, September 30, 2018

You are Welcome Here:

Webster Groves, Missouri
A Really Nice Place

Passing pups find welcome water bowls and invites to step inside for treats.

Center of Town
Place to relax, read, eat . . sometimes really great music

You're Welcome
Jordan Fischer
From "Moana"/Official Video
featuring Lin-Manuel